Sunday, May 27, 2007

One In 365

You could be philosophical about it and say "It never rains but it pours," or simply scratch your head at the absurdity of some conflicting bookings.

The source of this head scratching is the simultaneous occurrence of the all-star tribute to Kenny Wheeler and a Cecil Taylor solo performance in Toronto next Friday evening.

Toronto – big as it is – is not New York City, so it's not like there are scores of jazz events happening every night.

What are the odds of having to choose between Dave Holland, Bob Brookmeyer, Lee Konitz and Wheeler, and Taylor?

Well, yeah, they're one in 365, but what are the odds?

Since I have an assignment to review the Wheeler tribute I'll have to placate myself with Live At Willisau, my favourite Taylor solo CD. That's the one with the amazing Bosendorfer sound and with Cecil so jacked to play that he kicks off before the audience is even seated.

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Tim said...


I have to tell you that most nights in this city, there are at least a few great music shows I want to see, not to mention theatre, films, dance, poetry readings...the Toronto arts scene is stronger, bigger and better than I have seen in the last 20 years.

Now if only they would invest a small percentage of the money that goes to new structures and arts organizations in supporting individual artists we might be able to sustain this incredible wave this city is riding.

tim posgate