Friday, June 29, 2007

Vancouver Day Five and Out

My last day in Vancouver was full! I moved from a long lunch with one of my oldest friends to dinner with fellow DownBeat critic Greg Buium to a very satisfying -- and exceptionally well-mic'ed -- set by The Bad Plus. By then I was sated, and ready to find an outdoor cafe to settle into the soft Pacific air with a copy of David Lee's new book on Ornette Coleman.


John Doheny said...

What!? Leaving already? I just got here.

You're going to miss both my gigs:)

Regarding the 'soft Pacific air': Maybe it's the contrast (everywhere I've been the last week, New York, New Orleans, Denver, has been 80F or higher), but I'm finding it rather on the dank and cold side here. Not to mention grey. Did I miss all the good weather?

David said...

James, you do lead the life of Riley.