Monday, July 27, 2009

August... Out

No proper vacation this year; not even a staycation. Unexpected, major, non-music project kicking in, however, so posts will be light—if not non-existent—until the vicinity of Labour Day.

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MassJazz said...

Mr. Hale,

We have launched a new program called MassJazz, which promotes the year round jazz scene in Massachusetts to the travel and visitors industry.

Our web site is and we have issued a 40 page MassJazz Travel Guide which we're distributing for free at tourist kiosks around the state (Boston, Hyannis, Plymouth, Salem, etc) and to travel agencies, tour groups, and other tourism outlets outside of Massachusetts.

This may be the first time that a state agency - the Mass. Office of Travel & Tourism - has touted jazz as one of the amenities on display for tourists considering where to vacation.

I would be grateful for any feedback you and your readers have.

Thanks and have a great summer.

Michael Quinlin