Monday, June 14, 2010

Sound The Trumpets

I was on Sarah Onyango's radio show the other morning promoting the 2010 TD Ottawa International Jazz Festival, and as I was rhyming off some of the highlights it suddenly struck me what an astounding array of trumpeters will be in town between June 24 and July 4.

How's this for a trumpet summit?

June 24: Kevin Turcotte
June 26: Ingrid Jensen and Eric Boeren
June 27: Peter Evans and Kevin Dean
June 28: Paolo Fresu and Axel Doerner
June 29: Cuong Vu and Roy Hargrove
July 4: Tom Harrell, Christian Scott, Lina Allemano and Tomasz Stanko

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David said...

That IS an astounding list. We just saw Stanko at the SF Jazz Festival and Tom Harrell is our second Redwood Jazz offering in the upcoming season. I would *KILL* to see Fresu.

Take advantage of this!!!!!

Great new look to the blog. I like.