Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Taking The Temperature

I wrote my first online feature about jazz—a profile of pianist Andy Milne—15 years ago and, despite spectacular growth in digital media and significant changes in the channels that are used, there's still no real revenue stream for jazz journalists in 'new media'. Does anyone really know where we're going, and how we'll get there? When I wrote that Milne piece I was rubbing shoulders on a daily basis with some of the brightest minds in the information and communications technology sector, and I still got it wrong.

So, where are we headed? What's the state of the jazz journalism business today? Where are the markets, and where will they be tomorrow?

Those are some of the questions we'll tackle when the Jazz Journalists Association holds a town hall-style meeting on January 8 in New York City. The session is scheduled for 2-4 p.m., exact location TBA, but within the confines of either the Midtown Sheraton or Hilton hotels, headquarters for the annual Association of Performing Arts Presenters. More details are here.

If you have an interest in this business, bring your comments, questions and predictions, and I'll see you there.

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